Content Marketing for Financial Directors

It’s easy to see how content marketing fits with most B2C products. A fashion line, a book series or a car company that can generate exciting content will also generate great buzz. Financial advisors and CPA firms can potentially benefit greatly from content marketing, but the nature and placement of that content will look very different for companies in finance. Even if your goal is to market your finance department within the larger context of your organization, your content needs are distinctly different from those of other departments.

Entertain Them

Entertainment probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of a CPA firm’s blog. It’s one of the critical elements of your content marketing strategy, though, if you hope to find a regular audience. Top content creators realize there’s no such thing as a boring topic, only boring angles; any subject can become lively with the right voice and outlook. For example, a blog post explaining why rolling forecasts might be the way to go could be a little abstruse for readers outside the industry, but by drawing an analogy to weather forecasts and showing how modern meteorology uses frequent data updates just as your financial forecasts do, you put the topic in an engaging way.

Get the Facts Straight

While entertaining readers with your content is important, it still only rises to the silver-medal position on the podium. The most important aspect your content marketers must know is how to report the facts accurately. People will turn to your site for financial strategy, news and advice, so you have to give them accurate information. When possible, work with content creators who know your field. Keep in mind, though, that a writer’s primary expertise is writing; part of what they do is research a topic thoroughly enough to be able to write with authority on it. A CPA firm doesn’t need a CPA as a content creator, and a CFO doesn’t need an accountant to write a blog.

Going Native

One of the top trends every content creator hears about is native marketing. The terminology is fairly new, but the concept is tried and tested. In movies and television, marketers refer to it as product placement, the usually flattering and sometimes prominent display of a brand name on the set. In online content marketing, native advertising accomplishes the same goal. By publishing an article about a topic readers genuinely want to understand and featuring a particular product or service as one possible solution or as one facet of a larger whole, native content serves two needs at once: informing your audience and promoting your brand. It’s especially important when discussing subjects that may not be as familiar to some people, including finance, so native content is poised to become a larger force on the market over at least the next few years.

More Than Just Writing

Content usually means at least a little text, but increasingly, it also consists of video, infographics, podcasts and galleries. Again, it’s easy to see how a next-gen smartphone or new car model could lend itself to video and gallery formats, but the finance sector can use the same tools to market itself. Clients sometimes feel the finance department is too far removed or impersonal, but a video introducing the people who work for them can go a long way toward dispelling those impressions. Infographics describing how budget forecasts are created or showing how money moves within your organization provide powerful, memorable content too.

Content marketing isn’t just for the latest game or consumer tech; it’s also for finance.

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