How Not to Grow Your Organization

Sometimes getting a glimpse of the wrong path is a useful confirmation that you’re on the right one. When you see the mistakes others have made throughout history, you’re better able to avoid them yourself. That’s especially important for CFOs, who control the life-blood of their organization – its finances. With that in mind, let’s […]

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Finding Your Bearings as a New CFO

Just about every experienced, successful CFO had a time when he or she sat in the office with that new title on the door and thought, “Am I ready for this?” On average, CFOs stay in that office for five years before moving on to new opportunities, so you have plenty of time to find […]

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The 5 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask Job Candidates

Finding top talent is important in every department, but when hiring the people who will handle the company’s money, it’s essential. To hire A-listers, you can’t rely on your HR director alone; you need to be personally involved with the process and vet candidates carefully via interviews. It’s not just the answers that matter; you […]

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How to Tell When Your Top Talent May Be Leaving

Recruiting and hiring promising talent in the finance department takes a significant investment in time and energy. No one wants to go through it more often than necessary, so keeping your best and brightest is a high priority for CFOs. You can ask employees if they’re happy, but can you be sure the answers they […]

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What Will the New Overtime Rule Mean for You?

Wages and compensation account for the single largest chunk of most companies’ expenses, and they tend to grow over time. The Department of Labor has recently instituted a new nationwide policy on overtime, and while the new rule has not yet been finalized, it could represent a dramatic shift in payroll costs for employers and […]

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Tech Tips for CFOs

Virtually every industry and position has become more tech-oriented, and the CFO’s office is no exception. Technology has become such a critical need for CFOs that in a poll from Robert Half Management Resources, more than 40 percent of the finance professionals surveyed cited the need to keep up with technological change as their most […]

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The 5 Skills Every CFO Needs to Succeed

A single success might be luck, but to repeat successes and build on them, you need the right skill set. Understanding finance and accounting is just the beginning, especially as CFOs are being asked to do more than ever. With novel roles, new tools, and different challenges, today’s CFOs can look to others to spot […]

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10 Tips for Prospective CFOs

Knowing what it takes to do the work of a CFO requires more than a degree in finance. Sometimes, it’s just as important to know things you won’t learn in school, to learn about what to do outside your department – and what not to do. This list of dos and don’ts can give you […]

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How Stable Is Your Staff?

As the economy continues to strengthen, qualified personnel in the finance sector will be in increasingly high demand. That kind of mobility means CFOs should act now to hang onto top employees and ensure their staff members’ loyalty. Constant churn is anathema to a finance department, so securing your team and building a more stable […]

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Moving Up as a CFO

Whether you’re preparing for a promotion from within once the current CFO retires or are moving on to a new organization with room at the top, you can smooth the road to the CFO’s office with some strategic planning. Young finance professionals who want an opportunity to perform at the highest levels should consider their […]

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